Tech Tools used at

So what kind of tools are people at using? This question sometimes will pop up when chatting with fellows at Burda or mostly in job interviews.

I would say we have a rather simple tool kit for driving our product development and daily operations. Driven by the startup experience of quite a few team members we all love lean and clear solutions without big hassles or overheads.

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So this is the typical environment for anyone working in Prod/Tech:


PhpStorm,  Xcode (IDEs), jenkins, codeship (CI), IntelliJ IDEA


JIRA (with Scrum Boards), Confluence (knowledge base, concepts), bitbucket & github (git)


Slack (with 3rd party integrations), Google Hangout (Audio/Video), Skype and Email

Recommended local tools

Skitch (Screenshots), Sketch (UI), Omnigraffle (workflows, rough UI), Textwranger, SequelPro, Cyberduck, Office


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