Introducing Slack at – Bye Bye E-Mail!

10+ CC recipients, unused confluence setups, 10MB+ daily reports killing your Quota, unknown members in your internal Skype groups – sounds familiar?

To solve this issues, we’ve decided to switch the entire internal communication at to Slack. Slack is the new communication hub for all departments including the editorial team, marketing, audience development and our video unit. Our Product & IT team was using Slack already for a while with great success, so we thought it’s time for a big roll out 🙂

Slack CMYK

Why Slack? What’s wrong with Skype and E-Mail?

This was a question, we faced quite a lot of times from team members. And to a certain extend this is true – Skype has group conversations, Email is good enough for one2one communication and WeTransfer can be used to send huge files without any hassles. But let’s face it – it’s such a mess with all these tools and it’s pretty hard to control just about anything regarding access policies, notification management or a structured way of handling the communication.

The top five reasons for us to introduce Slack

  • One Stop Shop for the entire internal & partner conversation
  • Reduce the amount of internal emails and shorten response times
  • Ability to integrate 3rd party services like News Alerts or Reports
  • Clear administrative workflows (like adding a new user)
  • Still feels like a fresh, friendly service and lightweight compared to enterprise solutions

Rollout – Driven by innovation and soft power

We did some planning and introduced Slack by adding one team after the other (e.g. social media → audience dev → video etc). We also created a first set of channels with dedicated purposes. Each team leader was introduced to the service in a short demo session to be the contact person for the entire team. After one week the entire team was boarded, having almost all people installed both the desktop and mobile app.

Guess what – already in the first few days we saw the magic taking off – thousands of messages in the first 48hrs can’t lie 🙂

And of course we’ve also used soft power – internal email wars and Skype have been declared legacy and daily reports are now only available on Slack.

Results of introducing Slack

Since a couple of weeks the entire team is on Slack and we can see an outstanding adoption rate. The important things are happening there, so it’s the place to be. This includes organising the lunch location as well 🙂

We can also see faster developing stories as the time wasted with emails and sending/receiving stuff has been eliminated. Everybody working on a story is also right at the same spot which also helps a lot.

By pushing daily reports directly to Slack we’ve also gained a new level of transparency among the team, everybody is on the same page :).

Third party services / Notifications

One of the outstanding features of Slack is the number of integrated services to push the idea of a one stop information shop.

Here is a non-comprehensive list of what we’ve integrated so far:

  • Custom Alerts for trending stories, User Feedback, CMS Publishing status change etc
  • Spike and other Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • Google Docs – Custom KPI Reports
  • Trello – Project Management
  • JIRA – Software Development
  • Pingdom, AWS CloudWatch, Route53 – Monitoring & Alerts
  • travis/Jenkins – CI Server



So what’s next? We’re planning to attach more custom third party services over time to establish a cockpit for everybody working at

If something important happens, Slack will let you know. Think of a headline that does not perform, a new feedback in the app store or a native campaign that has just reached it’s target.

Welcome to the new collaboration & bot age 🙂

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